Total Franchise Solution

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Achieve Cost Reductions

Through reengineering, process improvements and advanced technologies, AOI eliminates unnecessary operating and administrative costs. Our clients can realize 30-60% in real cost savings and improved efficiencies from outsourcing.

Maintain Competitive Edge

AOI enables management to focus on building a more competitive business. We provide the supporting systems and services to help companies compete more effectively in the global marketplace.

Obtain Outside Expertise

With more than 20 years of experience, AOI's business, industry and technical expertise provides management with valuable guidance and skills.

Meet Changing Customer Demands

AOI's team provides management with flexible and scalable services to meet their customers' changing requirements and to support company moves, consolidations and acquisitions.

Gain Greater Internal Flexibility

Through outsourcing, management can focus on more strategic issues and other important company initiatives. Management has more flexibility to assign staff and allocate resources to higher-value projects.

Gain Access to Advanced Technology

AOI has deployed leading edge online accounting systems to support the business processes. There is no technology for you to invest in or manage.

Focus on your Company's Core Business

Management is freed up to focus more time, energy and resources on building the company's core businesses.

Achieve Revenue Enhancements

By outsourcing non-core processes, management can focus on increasing sales, increasing market share, developing new products, improving existing products, expanding into new markets and enhancing customer service.

Make Continuous Improvements in Process

We design, build and manage the business processes to operate better, faster and less expensively. We work with clients to make continuous improvements in process effectiveness and efficiency.

Improve service quality

AOi organizes and manages the business processes with a view to providing a higher level and quality of services to the business units, subsidiaries, and other users throughout the company.

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