Why Partner With AOi?

Founded in 1994, AOi has been providing Income Tax, Accounting and Business Process Outsourcing services for 20 years. It started with a simple idea that shared and leveraged accounting resources can serve many customers at substantial savings to all.

Celebrating 20 Years in Business | 100+ Years of Practice Knowledge and Expertise in Franchise Accounting
Highly Trained and Supervised Staff | Transparent Cloud Based Accounting Systems
Answers when you need them by a Live Person | Sole Service Center based in Baltimore, Maryland
Flexibility to Expand Rapidly | Non Proprietary, Open Systems | Full Paperless Procurement and Payment

Our Vision

Utilize the highest levels of Technology, Talent and Service to be our clients' most valuable business resource.

Why Outsource?

Today's competitive and demanding marketplace requires companies to deploy 100% of their internal resources to revenue generation. The outsourcing of non-revenue generating tasks can create a tremendous benefit to your organization and a boost to your bottom line profits.

Improve Company Focus

Outsourcing accounting and payroll means that you can focus on your core business activities; increasing revenue and improving customer service.

Focus your resources on team members directly involved in revenue generation.

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Reduce Operating Costs

Outsourcing eliminates recruitment costs - advertising, agencies, interviews.

Saves money and time of dealing with employee payroll and deductions.

Reduces holiday and temp staff costs to cover absences.

Cuts sick pay and sickness cover.

Cuts out maternity / paternity leave costs.

Eliminates non-productive employee time - breaks, training, lateness, etc.

Eliminates the time and hidden costs of managing staff - appraisals, discipline, timekeeping, etc.

Frees up office desk space and office facilities for better use.

Outsourcing is totally flexible to deal with seasonal variations in workload or sudden changes.

No wasted time in quiet periods, or need to pay overtime in busy periods.

Eliminates the cost of accounting and payroll software, software licenses, ongoing software support contracts, annual software upgrades, IT support, and data backup.

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